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Contact Improvisation Training

Tools & Toys for all levels - Systematic, Somatic, Playful

In this workshop we will work technically and systematically on so called „pathways“ (CI vocabulary), to experience and understand the underlying principles of this wonderful dance form.

Furthermore we will play with elements from Body-Mind Centering and developmental movement to (re-)discover natural and organic movement qualities, and to find efficient body tone modulation and effortlessness, softness and strength for moving with shared weight.  

With different dance scores we create spaces and atmospheres in which technique, playfulness and improvisation can melt into truely multidimensional experiences of falling, flying and momentum. 

 The systematic approach of this workshop is based on the curriculum of the Contact Improvisation Training Berlin (www.dancecontact.de).

Daniel Werner (Ger)

Daniel Werner studied Dance, Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering and other Somatic Methods and Practises with various teachers , and works professionally and internationally in this field since ´97 as a dancer, teacher and director. He graduated in contemporary dance at the North Karelia College in Finland.
He is (co-)directing the following institutions and projects: www.dancecontact.dewww.contact-meets-contemporary.dewww.bodymindpresence.dewww.in-touch.eswww.easterimprofestival.infowww.canarian.contactfestival.info