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Gabi Neumann (Ger):
Qigong, Tai Chi and Fascial Movement: From Chi Flow into Contact

In this workshop, we will dive into ourselves to find our deepest and smoothest impulses of movement through Qigong and Tai Chi exercises based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

We will connect to our center as our base, our breath-movement, our organs and our chi flow. Nourishing and vitalising our inner system by giving our body loving attention and absorbing and storing energy/chi from the nature surrounding us.

The chi will again find a way to move in and through our bodies into dance, in solos or in contact improvisation with nature and with people.

Gabriele Neumann (Ger):

Dancing Contact Improvisation and exploring movement for 20 years. Professional Qigong and Tai Chi teacher, teaching in different institutions and freelance. Physiotherapist, teacher, dancer and (co-)director of the following projects: