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Dance and sing your nature being

We use the open endless space of mother nature to dive into our own endless true nature.
We listen with all our senses to the elements, touch and smell the earth, feel the wind on our skin, listen to the water, taste it, feel its coolness as we feel the heat of the sun, get conscious that we have all these elements as well in our bodies, in the bones, the liquids, our breath and inner fire as the endless space in between. By listening as well inside as outside and transforming all our sensations into sounds and movements, we become a dance that plays with its surrounding, we become the expression of our nature being. Out of this listening our dance and song are vibing into the music of the stillness that is surrounding us in the womb of the mother.

Fascinating networks and the joy of singing

Ways into a free flow for voice and body

We go onto a commune journey in which we explore the influence of the fascias on a free body flow and the sound of our voice.

The fascias separate and connect all different little parts of our whole body and are from this point of view responsible as we feel connected and integrated or not. At same time they are carrying most of the receptors of vibration in our body and by that are also importuning a full but effortless voice expression.
If we wish for a well tuned body instrument and a basic harmonious vibe, we need a sane and organic tune in our fascia structure, not too high nether too low.
In singing and dancing as in sounding and moving we receive a mirror of the influence of released and fluid fascias.

We use tools from different therapeutic bodyworks, such as Osteopathy and Orthobionomy as well as a sound orientated bodywork to perceive, treat, tune and harmonise the fascias. Our focus is to rebuilt the right tune in the fascial structure and to receive from that more freedom for breathing and sounding as well as for a free body flow in movement.

Roland Frenzel: dancer, dance teacher, body therapist, musician
Katrin Lerche: singer, singing teacher, dancer, healing bodywork with touch and mouvement

Katrin Lerche

Katrin Lerche, mother of three kids, loves to sing and dance since she is a child, did a master in voice, works as soprano and teacher for voice, is offering lomi and sound-massages, discovered many years ago BMC and through that contact improvisation, she loves to explore and to dive into sound, body and soul.